Darren Wilson’s “blowout fracture”




If you’ve been keeping up with what the media is saying about Darren Wilson, you may have read this article that claims he suffered a blowout fracture: a fracture of one or more bones surrounding the eye. Here is a screencap from the article of “Darren Wilson’s” CT scan. Also known as “lol_bc_not_darren_wilson.jpg”


When the article later stated that “police sources” said 12 witnesses had taken Wilson’s side, I was incredible skeptical, obviously.

[I also want to mention that this article is using pictures of the convenience store where the owner’s lawyer blatantly stated that Mike Brown did not steal anything.]

This article lists the side effects of an orbital blowout fracture. It also posts a video taken by Piaget Crenshaw, a woman who lives on the street where Mike Brown was killed. The video shows Darren Wilson standing around Mike’s body soon after his murder, showing no signs of pain; and you see the officer he’s reporting to acting like Wilson hasn’t been injured at all. That isn’t very likely for someone who would have visible signs of trauma. 

The second article also shows “Darren’s” CT scan, and one that looks exactly like it, but: in the corner it says UNIV OF IOWA ETC-TC. Just to check up on this, I looked up the words “university of iowa blowout fracture” and set Google to where it would show posts from before this year, guess what.

On uiowa.edu, this CT scan was on a page made in 2008[It’s about all kinds of eye trauma.] Here’s a screencap with the url in it so you can see what I’m talking about, if you don’t want to scroll through a page with graphic injuries.


I don’t know why they thought they could get away with this at all, oh my god. The article that says Darren Wilson was injured is a complete fallacy, and the police released this information to make Mike Brown seem like a “thug.”

(“There’s no more racism in America! We have a black President!”)

Now listen to me. If an article does not post credible sources (“two local St. Louis sources” does not count at all) or only goes off what the police is saying: double, triple, quadruple check it before you share the information, just to cause less hysteria for everyone trying to stay updated on these horrific events.

They know all they have to do is float the idea that Michael Brown attacked the officer for the racist stereotype of the superhuman black male to be affirmed. The people that believe this shit don’t care about facts, just having the racist opinions proven right.

This, the Joda Cain picture, the article that claims he’s a Blood, the “twelve witnesses agreed with Wilson’s story” tweet that was recanted, the screenshots of the surveillance footage that didn’t show the money in the clerk’s hand. It’s all to paint a picture. They’re trying to taint public opinion.

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