me thinking about drinking from any fast food cups in my room: thats probably piss


i need 2 go pee but my leg are under my computer

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thicccc what the fuck tag are you in right now

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hello your louis tag infers that you think he eats out on the regular quite well. i'd like to politely demand to know how and why you think this.


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I'm visiting my friend's house that she's renting and the owner literally has statues and pictures of Jesus in EVERY ROOM. And in the dining room there's a giant painting of the lords supper and so they refer to that table as the "Jesus table" and that's where they do all their homework. Okay that's it just made me think of u :***


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Have you ever read Long Live the Car Crash Hearts? It's a short hl oneshot & very your type, i think

i have NOT but i will mark this so i can read it later

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ikr???? i am such a fan of sad, angsty, complicated ships like my otp of all time is buffy and spike (idk if you ever watched btvs but they are the epitome of an angsty, complicated relationship. they were perf up until joss whedon made spike do a Bad Thing and it kind of taints the ship from then onward but i still love a lot about buffy/spike) so the fact that i want all the sad stories for h/l isn't a surprise to me lol

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh si da my fav hp ship (i say fav but i think i just mean the one that had stories that stuck with me the longest) is hermione/tom riddle jr….which is not….the happiest……ship…..

aNYWAY i have never seen buffy which is a shame but i did watch angel every morning before school and i think thats a buffy spinoff maybe??? someone named spike showed up a lot and fucked around idk

bUT YEA my fAVEST hl story lately is the one where harry runs off to la and then comes back and they have a Huge Fight god it hurts sO good everything is great all the time